The best way to calculate how much vinyl your vehicle needs is by this simple formula below. Note that all vehicle vinyl films we sell is 5 feet wide.

length of your vehicle x 3
*for the two sides & the top of the vehicle from front to back
+ extra for bumpers and mistakes
*5′ to 15′ depending on complexity of car and your skill level*
= closest roll size available
*always round up to the closest roll size available

a Sixth generation Ford Mustang (2015-2023) is 15.7ft (188") long:
15.7ft x 3 = 47.1ft
= 47ft + 10ft (for difficulty of wrapping a Mustang)
= 57ft
purchase a 5ft x 60ft roll
*the closest roll size is a 55 & 60 feet rolls so round up to 60ft

♦ Small size cars can be fully wrapped with 50 to 55 feet / 15 to 16.8 meters of vinyl.
example of vehicle sizes:
Audi A3 & A4, BMW 2 & 3 series, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, VW Golf & Beetle & Jetta, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra, Mercedes C-class

♦ Midsize cars can be fully wrapped with 60 to 65 feet / 18.3 to 19.8 meters of vinyl.
examples of vehicles:
Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, VW Passat & CC, Nissan Maxima/Altima, Audi A5 & A6, BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class, Hyundai Sonata,

♦ Full-size cars; mid-size SUVs, pick-ups, mini-vans & small vans need 65 to 75 feet / 19.8 to 22.9 meters of vinyl
examples of vehicle sizes:
Audi A7 & A8, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Impala, BMW 7 series, Mercedes limousines & S class, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Ford Edge, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Jeep Cherokee, Mazda CX-9 & CX-90, Chevy Blazer

♦ Full-size SUVs, trucks & minivans 75 to 100 feet / 22.9 to 30 meters of vinyl
examples of vehicle sizes:
Expedition, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade, Land Rover, Cayenne, Voyager, Town & Country, Sienna, Routan, Wagoneer, Tahoe, Navigator, Highlander, Armada