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Dreamy Gold

Dreamy Gold

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    Dreamy Gold

    ON-DEMAND *Shipping may vary*

    Roll Size: 60 inches x 59 feet

    Usage: Exterior & interior (cars, vehicles, boats, architectural)

    Material: High Polymer PVC, Bubble Free PET Liner

    Surface Finish: Non-stick PET (reduces orange peel)

    Adhesive: Removable LOW TACK

    Thickness: 170µm

    Warranty: 4 to 7 years (against delamination, decoloring, bubbling, cracking)

    Conformability: Very High

    Application Method: Dry only

    Application Temp: 70°F/21°C to 80°F/26°C (full range 60°F/15°C to 90°F/32°C)

    Skill Level: Low

    Taxes/Duty: Duties/taxes may apply upon arrival 

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